Dynacord CMS 1600/3


Price Per Day / Цена по ден



16 channel mixing console (16 mono or 12 mono & 4 stereo).
Two built-in effects programs of 100 programs each with the ability to adjust 4 parameters per effect. Phantom power. Equalizer of 3 domains in each channel with parametric middle to mono channels. Set VOICE FILTER to 12 mono channels for voice & acoustic use. Master 11 equalizer equalizer in output. Low cut 80hz on 12 mono channels. Each channel provides 2 Mon outputs and 2 Aux outputs. Master B out. Built-in USB 4In / 4Out USB sound card for PC recording & playback with the free Cubase LE software. The plastic protective cap is provided separately and is not included. Weight 12 Kgr.